Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Why I Love Rockford, IL.


Rockford, Illinois is Among My Favorite Places

There are many hidden gems in regards to cities In America, and Rockford, Illinois is no exception. For anyone familiar with this lovely little suburb of Chicago, you may have heard some conflicting opinions from what I think about it but let me tell you about my first-hand experiences there. There are places like this that you can find some guidance on, but I want to give you a more personal guiding hand to Rockford from actual experience.Whether you are looking for a weekend getaway with the kids, your best group of guy friends, or your significant other, there are plenty of options to keep your whole time filled with fun and excitement!

Best Spots to Grub!

Rockford is home to some of my favorite places to eat and it has plenty of options for people of all preferences and styles. Out of everywhere I have been in Rockford (which is quite a few!), Prairie Street Brewing Co. definitely holds the number 1 spot on our list. First we can talk about the obvious, their beer is amazing. From your average everyday pilsner drinker to the hard-core IPA fanatics, Prairie Street Brewing has the selection to satisfy any beer enthusiast. But their beer isn’t the only thing that kept me coming back for more; their food is fantastic! It is many steps above other local bars and breweries and the quality of their food really shows how passionate they are.

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If you are looking for a weekend getaway with your spouse or girlfriend in Rockford, then Irish Rose Saloon is a great spot to drink the night away and get to know the locals. This is definitely one of the more well-known places in Rockford and is the local “watering hole” for many residents. People are always as friendly as can be and the drinks are always pouring at Irish Rose so make sure you fill your belly to prepare for a night of fun if you decide to make a visit here! Even if you don’t eat before heading here, they offer a wide selection of great food to soak up the tequila that anyone can enjoy.

Loves Park is Right Next Door

For those worried about finding a place to stay in Rockford then worry no longer because you have a ton of options that go further than your everyday Days Inn. The Howard Johnson Hotel holds the top spot in my list of hotels in Rockford and have always had an amazing experience while staying here at very affordable rates. We have never heard a peep from our neighbors or other hotel guests while staying here and you can really tell the staff cares about this place by how much they keep everything clean and orderly. 

If you are looking to save a few bucks in hotel costs then the Hilton Garden Inn is a perfect place for you! Their rooms are very cheap and close enough to the bars and restaurants that transportation shouldn’t be an issue here. But don’t let their low prices fool you because the Hilton Garden doesn’t sacrifice any quality of service or cleanliness when it comes to their hotel. You simply can’t go wrong in Rockford!